Carlingford is a beautiful medieval coastal town situated between Dublin & Belfast. Located in the scenic Cooley peninsula, nestled between the stunning Morne Mountains, Carlingford lough & the Cooley Mountains.






As a destination, Carlingford has so much to offer people of all ages with its many outdoor activities such as, hill walking, guided tours, mountain biking, horse riding, sailing, windsurfing fishing tennis & golfing.







Along the narrow medieval streets of Carlingford, you will find a wonderful array of Cafes, Fine Restaurants, Bars, Shop, Boutiques, Craft Workshops, Antique Dealers & hair & beauty Salons. 

Steeped in history Carlingford has many medieval ruins to visit such as King John’s Castle, Taaffe’s Castle, The Mint, the Tholsel & the Abbey, all of which are explained in great detail at our local Holly Trinity Heritage Centre. 






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